WoTLK Leveling Guide

As with previous WoW expansions, Wrath Of The Lich King (WoTLK) also has its fair few of leveling guides available for download. Some of the current WoTLK leveling guides available for download at the time of writing this article are Joana’s WoTLK leveling guide and WoTLK secrets by T. Bag. The purpose of such a guide is simple, to help you level through Northrend in the fastest way possible, whether you’re playing under Horde or Alliance. These guides are comprised of step-by-step walkthroughs accompanied by pictures and instructional videos to help guide you every step of the way. These guides will also save you a lot of time, trial and error, and having to figure out everything yourself. This ensures that you have more fun actually playing the game, rather than frustrating yourself constantly trying to figure out where to go and what to do.

For those that are sick of alt-tabbing to view the guide, some leveling guides now actually come with a MetaMap mod that helps guide you in-game. It gives you directions and instructions in-game so you won’t have to alt-tab or look at a printed copy of a guide constantly while playing. You can just keep playing the game and just refer to the directions and instructions given to you by the metamap mod, which will appear to the bottom right of the screen. Joana’s guide is one of the guides known to provide a metamap mod.

The choice of using a metamap doesn’t exactly make you a “noob”. Most people buy leveling guides simply because they just don’t want to waste time, and want to spend more time actually playing the game. It’s as simple as that. Not everyone gets the time to spend hours upon hours figuring out a game, WoW players have school and jobs to attend to I’m sure.

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