World of Warcraft Strategy – Trial of the Grand Crusader – Twin Val’kyr (10 Men)

Once your raid group is comfortable with defeating all the bosses in Trial of the Crusader, it is time to attempt fighting the same bosses in heroic mode. If you succeed you will get better loot and will improve your group performance, so knowing the tactics for it and attempting it is all you have to do. The heroic version of the Twin Val’kyr fight is almost the same as on normal mode with few tweaks – more orbs spawning through the fight and a new debuff being cast on raid members called Touch of Light/ Touch of Darkness. Here is the strategy my guild uses to successfully defeat Twin Val’kyr in heroic mode.


Raid Composition: you will need 2 tanks, 3 healers and 5 dps. You will need the 2 tanks for tanking one of the Val’kyr each, the 3 healers you should split between tanks and raid to ensure everyone gets healed. In normal version 2 healers are enough, but we have found out that 3 healers always seems to make the fights more stable and we rarely get unlucky deaths. Split the remaining 5 dps between the 2 Val’kyr as you wish, but try to make sure you take into consideration debuffs done to them such as sunders, hunter’s marks, scorches and so on in order to maximize your dps on the bosses.


Positioning: We always position the Val’kyr next to a portal when the fight starts in heroic mode. The direction you face them into does not matter as they don’t have cleave or other frontal cone attacks. Melees stand behind their Val’kyr with ranged standing behind them. Farthest in the back we position the assigned to the tanks healers who take the opposite color of their tanks and soak the orbs of the opposite to the tank colors with the 3rd healer standing in middle of the room. As with the normal mode, the aura you will take matters and this is why players should be very mindful of their initial aura and all the aura swaps through the encounter. Here is how we start the fight:

Fjola Lightbane’s Tank and DPS: Dark Essence

Eydis Darkbane’s Tank and DPS: Light Essence

Fjola Lightbane’s Healer (standing on the side with Fjola): Light Essence

Eydis Darkbane’s Healer (standing on the side with Eydis): Dark Essence

Middle Healer: can choose either Light or Dark Essence but should be mindful of soaking the proper orbs if such orbs appear.


Fighting the Twin Val’kyr: fight starts in a similar way to the normal mode, with orbs spawning from all sides of the room and exploding damaging everyone in a 10 yard radius if they reach a player with the opposite color aura. During the fight, random players from your raid will get debuffs called “Touch of Light” or “Touch of Darkness.” Players with such debuffs should run to the same color portal and click it. Doing so will remove the debuff and the players can go back to their assigned role. Even though the debuff is possible to heal through, getting it removed saves mana to healers and make the raid function easier.

The rest of the fight is the same as in normal mode with increased damage done to players on heroic mode. The Twin Val’kyr will cast their four abilities: Light Vortex, Dark Vortex, Shield of Lights, and Shield of Darkness and repeat them in the same order once all four are casted. Similar to the normal mode fight, when Light and Dark Vortex are about to happen all players should switch their colors of the aura and for the Light and Dark shields all DPS must target the Val’kyr which is shielded and break the shield.

If your group has already mastered the 10 man normal version of this encounter, defeating the Twin Val’kyr in heroic mode should take only a few attempts before you collect your loot.

Source by Alex R Cooper

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