Why the world wants Leftover Cup Noodle Broth Hardening Powder | Boing Boing

Why the world needs Leftover Cup Noodle Broth Hardening Powder | Boing Boing

Nissin sells packets of powder that flip ramen and cup noodle broth into an inedible strong. It appears like the identical water-absorbing powder in disposable diapers. Huh?

Based on SoraNews24 you are not alleged to drink all of the broth in a bowl of ramen or cup noodle as a result of it is “full of energy and sodium.” I do not know if that is true or not. I at all times drink all my ramen broth, even when I am bloated to the bursting level. It tastes too good to cross up.

Regardless this powder is supposed for individuals who eat cup noodle outdoors and need to neatly get rid of the leftover broth with out dumping it on the bottom or filling a trash can with liquid.

Is April Fools day a factor in Japan? If that’s the case, I have been tricked.

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