Why self-driving automobiles appear like “toasters”? | Boing Boing

Why self-driving cars look like "toasters"? | Boing Boing

Why do self-driving automobiles are inclined to look, effectively, just like the Zoox you see on this publish? They’re optimizing for storage space and ease, clearly, however there may be additionally psychology at work. They need to cover all of the cues that recommend it’s a automobile that’s pushed, akin to forward-facing seats up entrance and dashboards.

Nonetheless, cubes have one other factor going for them: They’re rather less scary, generally verging on the lovely. Their distinctly non-aerodynamic form suggests calm and security. That is a welcome visible touchstone for a know-how which may freak folks out. “You don’t need one thing like a Cybertruck carrying passengers autonomously.”

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