Why Hypnotherapy Is the Best Method for Enjoying a Smoke-Free Life

The dangers of smoking are well known. They can even be found in large letters on the cigarette packaging. But yet little focus is actually given to the benefits of a smoke-free life; benefits such as being able to walk up stairs or play sports with your children without feeling out of breath; tasting the true flavours of your food; or being able to relax on long-haul flights.

The big problem with emphasising the risks and social responsibility is that it offers no real support in helping smokers to make the change in their life. There’s plenty of talk about ‘will power’ and products that have been designed to replace the addiction, yet these methods fail all too often.

Hypnotherapy, on the other hand, can achieve extremely positive results. And the good news is that it doesn’t require will power, patches, fake cigarettes or scare tactics. All you need is a want to change. A want to be smoke-free – something many smokers already possess.

Hypnotherapy uses sleep-like states to allow a therapist to talk to the subconscious mind. The subconscious builds patterns of behaviour that often protect us all from harm; however, in the case of smoking, it can lead to patterns that are unhelpful.

In many cases, these behaviours are so protected that it may be difficult to change them by speaking to the conscious mind. This is why many people find it especially difficult to give up smoking. You can do all the right things, try really hard and buy all the latest products, but ultimately your subconscious mind may cause you to lapse.

Hypnotherapy can be used to re-educate the subconscious mind. It can help the mind to create new patterns of behaviour that are focused on your desire to be smoke-free. It will remove the shackles and habits that have controlled your decision-making in the past, therefore allowing you to take control and make better decisions.

Hypnotherapy is not about switching off a light – it’s about empowering people to make positive changes in their life. With smoking, this can mean giving you the freedom based on your desire for change. In most cases, this can be done over four to six sessions, meaning no more years of battling unsuccessfully with the addiction; no more false starts at a new, smoke-free life; and no more patches!

Once you’re smoke-free, you can look forward to the many benefits of not smoking, whether it’s finding simple exercise-based activities easier to handle, allowing you to spend better quality time with your children or even setting them a better example.

Source by Gina Michelle Francis

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