Why do the Carters look tiny in comparison with the Bidens on this picture? | Boing Boing

Why do the Carters look tiny compared to the Bidens in this photo? | Boing Boing

It is true that folks get shorter of their golden years, however this picture makes it appear to be Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter are starring in a remake of The Unbelievable Shrinking Man. To search out out what is going on on, The Guardian requested its resident pictures skilled, Carly Earl, to elucidate what is going on on.

I am certain Joe Biden is sort of a bit taller than Rosalynn, however not by that a lot. The picture is probably distorted through the use of a wide-angle lens. When taking images in a smaller area you usually haven’t got room to maneuver far sufficient again to get everybody within the body, so you utilize a lens that may take all of it in. Sadly, when you use a lens that’s actually huge, whereas additionally standing very near the topics, it’ll distort the picture, making these near the digital camera seem big whereas shrinking these additional away.

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