Who’s mysteriously shaving different folks’s cats with out permission in Virginia? | Boing Boing

Who is mysteriously shaving other people's cats without permission in Virginia? | Boing Boing

In Waynesborow, Virginia, no less than seven cats have been mysteriously shaved with out their homeowners’ permission. There have been no witnesses nor clues of the rogue groomer’s identification. From the News Virginian:

Capt. Kelly Walker mentioned cats owned by two separate Tree Streets residents have been shaved within the underbelly, groin and leg areas. He mentioned it seems the shaving was accomplished with a razor of some sort. The cats weren’t in any other case harmed, Walker mentioned[…]

“The cats are carrying collars and are well-groomed,” Walker mentioned[…]

Walker mentioned that if somebody “sees somebody bothering a cat that’s not theirs,” they need to let the police know as quickly as potential.

illustrative image (cropped): Dropdeadpretty (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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