Where to Play a Free Backgammon Game on the Internet

When surfing the Internet, there are many games that you may want to check out when you have some time – these include free cribbage, free chess, as well as free backgammon.

When looking for a free backgammon game, you will find that there are many sites that offer play against either a human or computer opponent.

Backgammon is a game that involves two players moving pieces along a board that are referred to either as checkers, pieces or men. The object of the game is to remove all of your pieces from the table before your opponent.

When you roll the dice, you should aim to move your pieces where they are protected by another one of your pieces on the board. If your opponent lands on one of your unprotected checkers, that piece is sent to what is called the bar, which places your pieces further away from your goal.

When looking to play a free backgammon game, there are many websites to look into that offer many different options. When playing at MSN, you can choose to engage in a Quick Match game, as well as consider three different game selections. These choices include: Rated, Standard and Short. Players can choose to play with their friends, as well as play against a computer opponent. The graphics on this website are inviting with bright colors. If your current window seems a bit too small, you will have the option of resizing your window without any interruption of play.

Visit Pogo.com and you will encounter an outlet for free backgammon that does not require any downloads. Players can engage in conversation with one another during play. Sometimes there are more than 1000 people at the same time playing at no charge. Other free games that can be enjoyed on this website besides backgammon, is cribbage, bridge, chess, hearts and solitaire.

On Yahoo.com, free backgammon is available for those who wish to play in tournaments, as well as play unlimited games between computer and human opponents. Players have the option of traveling through different levels of rooms, including social, beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of play. Different rooms feature names such as Seahorse Grotto, Decent Digs, and Veteran Vortex. League play is available for the purchase of premium services. A list of the best opponents appears on the left side of the screen, along with rating points for each win and loss.

ItsYourTurn.com offers free backgammon games where individuals can choose to either play during a monthly or yearly period. Some can choose to pay a membership in order to have access to additional services and privileges. When choosing this free backgammon site, it is comforting to know that no Java, Flash, or downloads are required for play. Players have the option of choosing when they want to play, including whom they want to challenge. Any web browser can be used when one wishes to play a free backgammon game from this website. Additional avenues with this selection include the option to utilize MSN TV, Web TV, as well as a set-top box. The free games on offer are backgammon, chess, checkers, Go and Battleboats.

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