What Are Joint Venture Giveaway Events?

JV Giveaways are events whereby digital gifts are presented to members who sign up at the site/event. Usually, there is an exchange involved here, but not a monetary exchange. Smply put, you submit your name and email address in exchange for a “gift”.

Smetimes the gifts are trial offers for services, or hosting plans, or just free digital products like ebooks and videos. There are a number of reasons you should consider adding jv giveaways to your marketing funnel.

The main reason many people use jv giveaways is to get free stuff. A lot of internet marketers are also using this as a way to get their subscriber lists built quickly. Some marketers use upsells and “OTOs” one-time-offers to monetize their involvements with jv giveaway events.

If you are a list owner, you can get free content for your lists from giveaway events simply by signing up as a member. You can use the content you got for free as free report to further grow your subscriber base and busienss. As a marketer, you can turn the free content into a free report, and then submit that consolidated information as a gift to get subscribers.

All marketers know that the bigger your list is, the better chance you have of making a reliable online income

So why am I only a borderline fan of giveaway marketing and giveaway events?

1-The word is getting out, so anyone with Microsoft Word and a PDF creator can make a free report to build their lists easily. If you just add graphics to the report, you can now build your list without sending anyone to the event.

2-My next objection to jv giveaway events is that there are too many free-loading marketers submititng reports but not promoting the event. Top Referrers get front page exposure by sending the highest number of referrals, thereby motivating other marketers to promote the giveaway event

3- When I send an email to my list about these events, I know they’re going to be on more marketer’s lists now,a nd this means that they’re paying attention to someone else’s offers now. When promoting jv giveaway events, you’re basically sending your list over to your potential competition, but many other marketers are doing the same thing, too, if they actually promote the event…

There are certain dangers of jv giveaway events that you should consider before exploring this as a long-term list building tactic…

My readers have been very loyal to me so they are still attentive even though I send them to these internet marketing givewaway events and they end up on ever mor emailing lists.

Speaking of which, that brings me to my last objection to giveaway marketing and giveaway events. My list, even though its bigger, is less responsive when it comes to buying things, or even opening emails sent to them.

The number of subscribers that don’t verify their subscription is quite high, too, so it may look like I got 50 subscribers from a giveaway event, but I only ended up with 30 that verified their subscription to get their free report

Source by Daniel McGonagle

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