Watch: Sen. Ron Johnson says Jan 6 protestors did not really feel threatening since they weren’t BLM | Boing Boing

Watch: Sen. Ron Johnson says Jan 6 protestors didn't feel threatening since they weren't BLM | Boing Boing

One thing is critically mistaken with Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI). Not solely did he not really feel threatened by the lethal Capitol break-in on January 6, through which 5 folks had been killed, however he additionally mentioned if the protestors had been Black Lives Matter or antifa activists, he would have felt otherwise.

“On January sixth, I by no means felt threatened,” he instructed conservative speak present radio host Joe Pag on Thursday. “Although these 1000’s of people who had been marching the Capitol had been making an attempt to strain folks like me to vote the way in which they wished me to vote, I knew these had been people who love this nation, that really respect regulation enforcement, would by no means do something to interrupt the regulation, and so I wasn’t involved … Had the tables been turned and President Donald Trump received the election and people had been tens of 1000’s of Black Lives Matter and antifa protesters I might need been involved.”

These folks would by no means do something to interrupt the regulation. Apparently the racist senator is an imbecile who does not know that breaking into the capitol is towards the regulation. That killing 5 folks – together with a Capitol police officer – is towards the regulation. That threatening the vice chairman with chants of “Hang Mike Pence” is towards the regulation. That “prosecutors have charged greater than 300 folks with crimes and practically that many had been arrested. Forty folks have been arrested for assault on regulation enforcement officers,” as The Guardian put it.

Since his ignorant remarks, many have known as for him to resign.

From The Guardian:

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel known as on Johnson to resign in an editorial. “If he runs once more, Johnson should be opposed in each the first and basic elections by individuals who care sufficient about democracy to assist and defend it,” the paper mentioned.

“No, Senator Ron Johnson,” tweeted Noah Bookbinder, president of Residents for Accountability and Ethics in Washington, “the reality is that the January 6 insurrectionists did break the regulation, they damage and killed regulation enforcement officers, and so they had been making an attempt to overturn the elected authorities of the US.

“To say that the alternative is true about this group of insurrectionists, however that you’d have been anxious if they’d been Black Lives Issues protesters, is racist, harmful and unbecoming a United States senator.”

The previous Democratic senator Barbara Boxer agreed.

“Everyone within the nation and the world noticed the insurrectionists beat up, injure and kill law-enforcement on the Capitol and so they noticed them break the regulation again and again as they smashed home windows and dirty the citadel of democracy,” she tweeted. “Everyone besides Sen. Ron Johnson. He must go.”

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