Watch a pleasant Smokey Robinson mispronounce Chanukkah as Cha-Noo-Ka. | Boing Boing

Watch a delightful Smokey Robinson mispronounce Chanukkah as Cha-Noo-Ka. | Boing Boing

Motown legend Smokey Robinson recorded an unintentionally humorous private video message for a lady whose son made the Cameo request as a shock for his mother who apparently grew up close to the singer. On condition that the “guttural Ch” in Chanukkah is not a typical sound in English, and Smokey was clearly studying from a cue card, his error actually is not a giant deal and the best way he dealt with it’s beautiful.

“Within the spirit of 2020, I am gonna want a do-over!,” Robinson tweeted together with the unique video. “Please DM your mom’s cellphone quantity so we will do that once more.”

Gil Kaufman writes in Billboard:

In one other twist, Jeff responded to Smokey’s supply in probably the most gracious approach attainable. “By the best way, @smokeyrobinson can pronounce it any approach he rattling properly pleases,” wrote Jeff earlier than Smokey’s supply. “He’s a real legend whose music has been with me since start. His kindness and generosity of spirit has already made this most-unusual 2020 Chanukah certainly one of my household’s most memorable. Additionally, my mother says hello.”

And, by the best way, Jeff stated he is glad to arrange a second effort, however, to be honest, “Smokey however you owe her and us nothing. We love you!” Now that’s actually a Chanookah miracle.

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