Very approachable technique for shortly portray tabletop miniatures | Boing Boing

Very approachable method for quickly painting tabletop miniatures | Boing Boing

On this video from OnTableTop, resident painter John paints up a wizard in honor of their Frostgrave week.

There are such a lot of strategies for portray gaming minis today and so many specialty paint merchandise designed to make portray simpler with very respectable outcomes.

For this wizard, John utilized a basecoat of black and a light-weight, top-down spray of grey to behave as undershading. From there, he used the magic of drybrushing and principally functions of Citadel’s wash-like Distinction paints. Just a little highlighting right here and there and that was just about it. Very approachable technique for even the greenest of paint splashers. And if you do not have Distinction paints, you possibly can probably get related outcomes with selfmade paint washes.

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