Using Free Game Puzzle Downloads to Increase Traffic

Ok, this article will deal with free game puzzle downloads in general. What does that mean to you, (l hear you say) well that means that l will give you some ideas of what you can develop in downloadable products to get more traffic to your site, blog, etc. So…let’s begin.

Well, the easiest way is to research this online, and find game and puzzle sites that offer a freebie, then offer their freebie to your visitors. This seems like the easiest way but it does carry some risks.

• You want to keep your visitors on your site not someone else’s, especially if you are selling a similar product to your competitor’s site with the freebie.

• Even if you design the link so it opens in a new window when they go to the other freebie site, if the other site offers the same or more than you do, they may not come back.

• Not good for SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) if they leave quickly from your site to another. Almost defeats the purpose of going to the trouble of getting the visitors to your site in the first place.

On the other hand creating your own free game puzzle download would keep them on your site and make them more receptive to your offers, (AdSense, e-books, courses, etc).

But how do l create my own puzzle, l hear you say?

Well, finding some free graphics software online, is the first step. You can download a free 1 month trial of Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, (latest version) and it is probably best to rent the above mentioned graphics software as book tutorials from your nearest library first to get a basic understanding. Otherwise your free trial will be wasted and you could spend months learning about these before you could find another computer to try again. It also costs more than $1000, but you might be able to pick up an older version for far less.

Googling it will eventually bring up some other free options. Ok, so now that you have graphics software installed, and you are reasonably adept to using it, now comes the next step.

Coming up with a game puzzle idea?

Well, you can do a free crosswords download, with your site, blog etc, name on it, or a free maze puzzle, virtually anything that can be printed out on their end is viable.

You can even do something that can be coloured in on their end to make the puzzle more appealing. And format it so they can easily print out a full colour version through their own colour printer or going down to their nearest photo shop to get them to print out an A4 colour print which they can put together.

The sky’s the limit for creating your own free game puzzle downloads, and increasing your public awareness virally through your free download’s as well as increasing your traffic.

Good luck!

Source by Shane Murphy

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