Turn nappies into Rewards and Savings with Pampers


As a new parent life can suddenly get more expensive.  Not only is it a time when income is reduced, thanks maternity leave, there are more associated costs with nappies and baby equipment.  This is a time in life that it is good to starting looking at where you can save money.  There are many options with reward cards and money saving apps can really help new parents spread the cost and save some pennies.  Some are better than others and it is worth doing your research on what apps will work for you.

Pampers have come up with a great way to turn the moment when you spot that familiar #pooface into our favourite time of day! They’ve recently launched an exciting new rewards app called Pampers Club – it’s free, easy to use and guess what…it rewards you every time you buy Pampers! Hooray!

My three favourite apps are:

  • Pampers Club For every £1 you spend on Pampers nappies or wipes, you’ll receive 10 Pampers Club points with the app! You can register (http://bit.ly/2cG0iv9) then all you need to do is buy your Pampers as you usually would, both in-store and online, then take a photo of your receipt using the app, and start watching your points grow! To get you started, you’ll receive 500 bonus points after scanning your first receipt! You can choose to exchange your points for different types of rewards and savings, and guess what – there are             things for both you and baby! Rewards include everything from Pampers coupons and toys, to a 3 month             subscription to Mother and Baby magazine!  So now when you see that #pooface, you know that stocking up on Pampers means more points, for more rewards!
  • Checkout Smart allows you to get free food from supermarkets.  Simply buy the product upload you receipt to the app and you will be refunded for the product.  Just make sure you are buying from the right store to get the money refunded.
  • Voucher Codes are another online app that gives you discounts on many resturants and high street shops. Check the times available as many do have restrictions on when the offers run.  However for us as a family of five this is a huge money saver and we rarely eat out at full price because we always search for a voucher!

My final piece of advice if you are a new parent looking to save money on baby equipment check out nearly new sales as products are often only very lightly used as babies grow and develop so quickly.


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