Tons of Free Targeted Traffic by Social Networking For Your Sites – Step by Step

One of the most frequently asked questions that new internet marketers have is “Why am I not getting enough traffic to my website?”

And the answer is always the same- “Because you are not posting enough content out there”. That’s it.

Content= Traffic= Sales

So… What’s this rush about social networking?

Well to quickly tell you exactly how you can get tons of free targeted traffic for your website using social networking, I need to emphasize here that social networking is a daughter of Web 2.0 . OK son too… Whatever!

So to begin with, let’s talk about what is web 2.0 . Well Anything beyond text and images is web 2.0. You might recall the earlier days when internet was just new and ordinary people had just started using the internet, the websites were mere collection of static pages. By static I mean, the pages were created and edited by owners of the site and the visitors or the end users had no access or control over the content of the website. All they could do was read and see the images.

But people started realizing that more is the amount of content on websites, more is the amount of traffic they would get. And then the geniuses figured out that the best way to have fresh, quality content in large volumes on to a website was to “allow” the users to post content.

That’s where it all began.. The web 2.0 thing.

Talking about traffic. Well there are tons and tons of methods of getting traffic to your website. But all these methods can be classified in terms of buying traffic, borrowing traffic or creating traffic. You can either buy traffic, borrow traffic, or create traffic.

Let’s talk about buying first. PPC, Solo ads, email campaigns, banner advertising etc are all the methods of buying traffic. It simply means paying to get traffic to your websites. Now, if you are just starting out, I would NOT recommend that you start by buying traffic. Because buying traffic is not easy. Its a total art. Why? Simply because of the enormous amount of competition out there. But unfortunately, this is the way most people start. They try to buy traffic to get rich and end up losing the overall game.

Now let’s move on to borrowing traffic. Borrowing simple means leveraging the other peoples’ traffic. It refers to JV promotions where a person who has some existing traffic to their website redirect or channel their traffic to your website in return of a cost. You can pay them on a pay Per Sale basis which is the most common. But JVing is impossible unless you have your own products by which I mean the products that you have created. Now if you are just starting out on the internet then naturally you do not have your own products. And that is fine. Before you have your own product, you need to be an expert and that is impossible if you are a new internet marketer. So borrowing is also out.

And the last thing that remains is creating your own flow of traffic…ie your own basic stream of free targeted traffic that is coming over to your website all the time. Even while you sleep. Having a small yet constant stream of free targeted visitors visiting your website is the best thing that can happen to you. And this is the thing that you need to focus on. Because that way you will be constantly making sales here and there and that will keep you going with your spirits high and momentum of content creation large.

Now creating your own traffic is not that easy. It requires some groundwork. You need to work. You will need to create content. And you might have to wait for a few days before you start seeing any traffic even if you are constantly putting out content out there. While I recommend you do create a lot of quality (fresh, original and valuable) content to post out there, it’s definitely not the fastest route to getting traffic.

So then, what is the fast way? Has it got anything to do with creating content?

Well, creating “relevant” content and posting it at “smart” places with “wise” usage.

Let’s Talk about it now.

Relevant content = content that is related to the kind of products that you are selling. Content that is valuable and entertaining and educating for any person interested in your niche. Content that is personal… That involves you speaking to the reader or listener directly as I am talking to you right now. Content that shows and personifies you and demonstrates your beliefs.

So remember the four keywords whenever you are creating content… Humorous, Heartfelt, Helpful, Honest. If your content satisfies all these four adjectives, then its great content as far as getting traffic and marketing is concerned.

Now lets talk about smart places … Post your content at those places where there are people who are looking for the kind of information that you are telling. (Or selling or whatever! Internet Marketing- Selling=telling the right things to right people that’s it.)

Social Networking websites are great places to find millions of people (OK.. I will take that down to thousands, Fine?) who are potentially looking for the kind of products that you are promoting and selling. These are also the places where you can start getting traffic as quickly as in fifty minutes. And these are sources of fast, free, targeted traffic that converts like crazy… All for your websites. So if social marketing is not a part of your overall traffic mix, then I recommend you make it.

Now let’s talk about “wise” usage of your content. Well, all I mean to say here is that you do not need to create new content every time you feel the need to post it. All you need to do is to repurpose all your content. Repurposing your content simple means this-

Lets say you create a video on how to get traffic. Then what you do is that you post that video on dozens of video sharing sites, and also post it on your blog. You then go ahead and post in your social networking accounts.

Next you strip audio out of it and bang! You have a new piece of content. Now you can blast it off to tons of podcasting directories. And again post it as a downloadable gift for all the people who are joining your list. Post it as a freebie for the people who are already on your list. Submit it to other blogs and other places you can find.

Next you can transcribe the audio into text yourself or use one of the dozens of websites around to get it done for you for a very nominal charge. And if your audio is 20-30 minutes long, then be ready to have a series of articles (or even an ebook) which you can post on your blog, even sell (in case if it is larger and longer), or submit to tons of free article submission directories to unleash a whole new chain of traffic for you.

So as you can probably see now, getting traffic in not that difficult if you are doing it the right way.

Using social networking websites to get traffic instantly is the best idea. All you have to do is to go out there and follow a step by step approach that I have describes in this post. So go ahead and get all the traffic that you want and deserve for your websites from these Social Networking Websites. Trust me, there is more traffic than you could ever imagine out there at these social networking sites.

Source by Lakshay Behl

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