This interesting timer is nice for the Pomodoro Technique of doing work | Boing Boing

This appealing timer is great for the Pomodoro Method of doing work | Boing Boing

The Pomodoro Method is an effective option to beat procrastination. You make a cut price with your self to deal with a process for 25 minutes, with a 5-minute reward on the finish to take a break and do something you want. Pomodoro helps you get began with a process, nevertheless it’s not a magic method in itself. You continue to must focus, and also you’re most likely going to wish to make use of some willpower to get you thru the 25 minutes.

This battery-operated timer is a favourite amongst Pomodoro aficionados as a result of it is tomato-colored, would not make a ticking sound, and appears good in your desktop.

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