The Yankee Candle phenomenon | Boing Boing

The Yankee Candle phenomenon | Boing Boing

The earliest signs of COVID-19 we heard of have been cough and fever. Then phrase unfold that many victims reported a lack of their sense of scent. All these months later, signs range extensively, from none to extreme, and the illness impacts individuals in so many ways in which many are contaminated with out even figuring out it. So is it any shock that individuals who buy scented Yankee Candles could also be upset that they cannot scent them?

Kate Petrova noticed the Tweet by Terri Nelson and went to work crunching the numbers.

Petrova has extra graphs that present a putting correlation between complaints over scentless candles and the unfold of COVID within the US. Learn the remainder at Twitter or at Threadreader.

[via Metafilter]

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