The World of Warcraft Pets

Pets add to the fun of prancing around the world of Azeroth in the game World of Warcraft. The makers of the game have designed so many different types of pets which can be collected and sold for profits that it makes for a really huge and amusing addition to the game.

They are often called vanity pets and are generally non combat types that are present only for accompanying a character. The type of pets chosen depends on the player and these pets provide a particular meaning to the character of a particular individual. In a way, they are an addition to the personality.

What level does my character need to get a pet?

There are NPC vendors from whom you can purchase them irrespective of the level of your character. All you need for this is silver or gold which is enough to purchase a particular pet. Levelling up though is still required in purchasing from NPC vendors since your character must be at a particular level in order to travel to different places with vendors. They are also available at the auction house but buying pets from the auction house might result in you purchasing a pet in a higher than normal price.

How Do I get Vanity Pets for my character?

They can be gained in different ways. There are some pets which you will receive as rewards for completing quests while there are other cases where characters are able to make their pets. The engineering profession helps you achieve making your own which are mechanical in nature. The monsters present in the game might drop some of the more rare types.

Do vanity pets help in combat?

They are usually a part of the collectibles in the game and do not aid in combat. Choosing a vanity pet depends on an individual and their character.

How many?

You can possess as many as you want but the game mechanism will allow you to only have one active pet at a particular time. This means that you will need to use up bag space for the others

Selling vanity pets?

The bind on pick-up (BoP) meaning that they can be sold only to particular vendors in a particular town and the bind on use (BoU) are those types which can be sold off at an auction house as long as they haven’t been summoned by the user.

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