The Trump 63-second press briefing | Boing Boing

The Trump 63-second press briefing | Boing Boing

Unbelievably, we’ve settled into the insane methods Donald J. Trump conducts his presidential enterprise with routine stunts reminiscent of: shouting over Marine One to answer questions from the media, mocking those for wearing masks during a pandemic, lying about his height, golf scores, payouts to porn stars, election fraud…effectively, mendacity about every thing, calling the Ukraine to get dirt on a U.S. citizen. You recognize, presidential norms.

All of a sudden, Trump offers a press convention yesterday and it is simply over a minute lengthy. 63 seconds. What, no prolonged rambling? No calling Jim Acosta “faux information”? The place’s the same old disrespect in direction of ladies reporters and particularly ladies of shade reporters? No musing over bleach injections? WTF???

Within the occasion that anybody was jonesing for some traditional Trump he did take credit score for the Dow going over 30,000 and known as it a “sacred quantity”, though it most likely has extra to do with Biden coming in and Trump going out, than something Trump did. Not unhealthy, however…that is it? First he permits important data to be shared with president-elect Biden’s transition crew and now a short press briefing? The one factor constant about these items is that it is inconsistent with the White Home lunacy we have been lulled into anticipating.

Within the following clip hear for, “Properly, that was bizarre as shit”, pricelessly mentioned by a reporter on the finish of the clip. Additionally, take a look at and benefit from the picture with what appears like a ‘pet Mike Pence head’ propped up on the presidential lectern.

Is that this what boring politics appears like? I can’t wait. Actually, if I may be oblivious to who the secretaries of HUD, training and commerce are, I’d be ecstatic.

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