The Top 5 Most Effective Ways of Viral Content For Link Building

To get noticed by search engines one of the important criteria is ‘link building’. Of course the many ways of link building this article specifically talks about using viral content. Viral content is interesting content that people like and pass it on, i.e. passing on inbound links to your site.

Top 5 most effective types of viral content for link building:

1. Perform surveys and studies that make people feel important. If you can make others people feel important they will do link building for you for free. Lets see some examples to understand this better

a. If you are a job portal then a survey on dream job profiles is the best survey to conduct. An interesting questionnaire will ensure that it spreads like lightning on social networking sites. Another benefit of this survey is that the user feels important, and this ensures that he remembers you. So whenever he wants to change his job he will definitely visit your site.

2. Release tests one can take quickly, to see some interesting results. What kind of tests you can upload will depend on the kind of site you have. Lets take a look at a few examples here:

a. If you belong to the education industry you can have IQ tests released. Such tests help tremendously in link building.

b. If you deal in cars, build your questionnaire on automobile industry trivia. Automobile lovers will take it to only feel good to know how knowledgeable they are in their field of interest. They will pass it on to their friends to compare their test results. In such a test it is important that you reveal the correct answers at the end of it only then will it get passed on easily and your objective of link building will be achieved.

3. Give some freebies. The word ‘Free’ always manages to get the reader attracted to itself. Give some free tools on your site. To user will not only visit your site to use these tools but will also pass it on to friends and colleagues, thereby accomplishing your objective of link building. Don’t act like a miser here. If you are not giving it free then probably somebody else is and capturing all the audience you need. The key here is in deciding what to give free? Here are some examples for you:

a. If you are search engine optimization company then give some free SEO tools like the page rank checker tool, keyword suggestion tool etc.

b. If you are an astrology site then giving a free compatibility checker tool by asking the user to enter the required details is a proven successful formula. Apart from helping you in link building this also works as a small teaser for sale of your in depth compatibility analysis report, which is anyways your main product.

4. Create addictive content. It means provide some content to which not only the user would get addicted but also all others with whom he share is will get addicted. Thus achieving much more than link building. Some examples for you:

a. If you are a social networking site then you can have games. For e.g. Farmville on Facebook has so many people hooked on it.

5. Release some funny and witty advertising videos for your site. This is a proven big block buster link building idea, if executed well. Examples you already know are:

a. Vodafone’s zoo zoo videos.

b. Bridgestone tyre commercial videos. See, how well this works I am not here to advertise Bridgestone tyres but I could not resist myself from sharing it with you.

Well, these viral marketing tips might definitely help you in building real good traffic.

Source by Raghhav C Sammrat

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