The Talos Principle [first-person puzzle game]


The Talos Principle [first-person puzzle game]


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6 thoughts on “The Talos Principle [first-person puzzle game]”

  1. It’s like a poor man’s Portal type of puzzle game but with a surprisingly philosophical and somewhat deep story line and a lot of depth in its puzzles.

    If that sounds good to you, highly recommend it.

  2. This is a great game. Really, really good. I bought it on Steam and I think it’s the only game I ever bought the dlc for.

    I would like to play it again for the first time with no memory of what it’s about…

  3. I highly recommend this game. I haven’t 100%ed it, and I kinda bounced off the DLC (it’s hard to come back to after the ending to the base game). It has an interesting story mixed in there. Really enjoyed it.

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