The Talos Principle [first-person puzzle game]

The Talos Principle [first-person puzzle game]

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6 thoughts on “The Talos Principle [first-person puzzle game]”

  1. It’s like a poor man’s Portal type of puzzle game but with a surprisingly philosophical and somewhat deep story line and a lot of depth in its puzzles.

    If that sounds good to you, highly recommend it.

  2. This is a great game. Really, really good. I bought it on Steam and I think it’s the only game I ever bought the dlc for.

    I would like to play it again for the first time with no memory of what it’s about…

  3. I highly recommend this game. I haven’t 100%ed it, and I kinda bounced off the DLC (it’s hard to come back to after the ending to the base game). It has an interesting story mixed in there. Really enjoyed it.

  4. This is one of the best puzzle games to come out in years. It’s incredibly good and if you like puzzles you owe it to yourself to pick this up.

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