The story behind the US Strategic Command’s gibberish tweet | Boing Boing

The story behind the US Strategic Command's gibberish tweet | Boing Boing

On Sunday, the US Strategic Command tweeted “;l;;gmlxzssaw” and deleted the submit shortly after. What did it imply? The US Strategic Command’s mission “is to discourage strategic assault and make use of forces, as directed, to ensure the safety of our Nation and our Allies.” Is “;l;;gmlxzssaw” an encrypted message? A launch code for a nuclear missile? Nope. Only a baby banging on the keyboard. Or that is what they’d like us to suppose, anyway.

Mikael Thalen on the Daily Dot filed a Freedom of Info Act request and the US Strategic Command responded in report time. From their FOIA response:

The Command’s Twitter supervisor, whereas in a telework standing, momentarily left the Command’s Twitter account open and unattended. His very younger baby took benefit of the state of affairs and began taking part in with the keys and sadly, and unknowingly, posted the tweet. Completely nothing nefarious occurred, i.e., no hacking of our Twitter account. The submit was found and spot to delete it occurred telephonically.

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