The right way to misuse a Radio to play all of the stations concurrently. | Boing Boing

How to misuse a Radio to play all the stations simultaneously. | Boing Boing

Hello, everybody. Welcome back to the show. The lead picture right here demonstrates {that a} radio is usually a hat, however I would prefer to dive even deeper on radio. Radio is extra highly effective than we give it credit score. Its transformative prospects as ubiquitous electromagnetic waves make it really great and ghostly. Do you know a typical anxiousness within the early century was picking up radio reception in your teeth, btw? Any random metropolis has variety of radio stations consistently broadcasting on the similar time. We must always have the ability to hear all of those stations directly, not one station at a time, so this week I will present you a technique to approximate that.

Merely put, in radio reception, the radio tuner is the censor. As a substitute of listening to all of the stations directly, it lets you solely hear one station at a time, on the dial quantity you’ve got chosen. This “single station” idea is very boring, nonetheless – particularly when you think about any metropolis’s radio feed may need 15-20 stations taking part in on the similar time on the FM dial.

Eradicating the tuner from controlling the dial is much more enjoyable, nonetheless, and this week I’ll demonstrate a method, utilizing management voltage, to play a radio tuner in a method the place the the stations are notes on a keyboard, together with utilizing modulation to make your complete dial spin forwards and backwards at a strobe-like velocity. We’ll use an array of management voltage sources (a Pot Action Recorder, Stepped Voltage CV generator, and some CV sequencers) and an Arradio module.

Previous to that, I keep in mind my dad’s great Marantz 2200 series receiver, which he gifted my brother and me, partly, I really feel, to not really feel horrible about upgrading to one thing else for himself within the Nineteen Eighties. (Simply give the children the outdated one!) I believe the Marantz was higher than the improve, although, and it gave me a lifelong habit to radio dials and switches, because the Marantz had GREAT switches and dials. You may hear this reminiscence within the lead observe, “Basement Living Was Really Good“.

Lastly, this week’s episode concludes with “White Man’s Blues“, introducing you to Charlie’s co-worker Duncan, who’s an enormous Double Bother fan. Catch up on Charlie Pickle here.

SPOKEN WORD WITH ELECTRONICS #36: FUN MADNESS with Control Voltage Radio Tuning

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Have an excellent week, Ethan

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