The Quick And Easy Way To Find Free Dating And Seduction Materials On The Internet

Before you start splurging money, do you know that you could often get free, high quality stuff on dating and seduction on the internet?

If you look closely enough, you will find loads of free materials (ebooks, mp3s and video files) readily available for free. And yes, they are all legal, and has nothing to do with p2p networks such as bittorrent, kazaa or limewire. In this article, I will show you where to get your hands on these goodies.

Free ebooks The current best resource for written material is at The website hosts a collection of PDF documents of archived postings of top PUAs (pickup artists) in the forum. Some of the PDFs available are archives of posts of Mystery (Venusian Arts), Zan (Enlightened Seduction) and Tyler Durden (Real Social Dynamics). These are free to download, and while not in the best format to be digested by the reader, they give good insights on how the thinking on seduction evolved over the years.

Other free written resources are excerpts from paid ebooks. Just like movie trailers, the best bits of the actual product is often shared so to entice the prospect to buy the product. Good examples are the excerpts from Magic Bullets and Venusian Arts Handbook ebooks, both published by the guys at Mystery Method.

Free newsletters If you need to sign up for one e-newsletter only, it has to be Cliff’s List ( Cliff is a seduction expert from Canada, and is probably the guy with the biggest network in the seduction community. Because of his vast contacts, he is able to get top notch quality stuff from the big name PUAs (pickup artists) to share their knowledge. Signing up on Cliff’s List is a definite must if you want to stay on the edge of pickup knowledge.

Other good newsletters to sign up at Ross Jeffries’ at and David DeAngelo’s at – but do bear in mind that these are ‘high frequency’ newsletters so you probably won’t like them if you want your inbox to remain uncluttered. However, Ross Jeffries do toss in free ebooks and multimedia materials from time to time and so it’s well worth the subscribe.

Free audio and video probably has the biggest repository of seduction related materials out there. A quick search of the keywords “seduction” and “dating” would result in video files of David DeAngelo (excerpts from his seminars), Style (instruction videos on his Stylelife Challenge program), Ross Jeffries (his seminars) and a score of others.

Highly recommended on YouTube is an episode of “Seduction School” aired in the UK in 2006. Starring Juggler (from Charisma Arts) and his sidekick Johnny Saviour, he trained three men who had problems dealing with women to successfully score dates in a matter of two weeks. Brilliant stuff.

Before you splurge your hard-earned money on dating products peddled to you daily, do look around in the internet for the materials which are already available for free. If you look hard enough, you will find high quality ebooks, mp3s and videos which are highly comparable in quality with paid products.

Source by Derek Rake

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