The Most Successful Promotional Personalised Freebies for Your Office

It can be baffling when it comes to choosing the right promotional products for your company to give away in order to boost their reputation. There are so many options to choose from: calculators, personalised cheap pens, magnets, the list goes on. Here are some ideas of the best personalised freebies for your company to order; they are guaranteed to get your business more recognition.

Mints may seem like an unconventional choice of freebie marketing but they are proven to be a successful way of getting your business name heard. If they are received at a trade show or given away at a networking event, the receiver is bound to keep the mints in their bag for the foreseeable future, because who doesn’t love having fresh breath? Personalised small boxes of mints come at a reasonable price, and they are a more unusual form of marketing.

Personalised promotional mugs are a winner when it comes to promoting your business. Every office needs an abundance of mugs to cater for all the tea and coffee that is drunk. If a mug with your company logo on is sitting on someone’s desk day in day out, your business is bound to be ingrained into their memory which could potentially get you a sale in the long term.

Personalised cheap pens are one of the most obvious, yet successful choice of freebies to give out in order to promote your company. Every office, bedroom, kitchen and retailer needs to use pens, and the chances are that your pen will pass from hand to hand and end up in one of these places. Using cheap pens as part of your marketing strategy is always effective because of their price. When bought in bulk, their prices start from around 5p depending on the design of the pen, for example, whether you buy a retractable pen, or an eco-pen, or a rubber grip pen.

A personalised gift you may not have considered is a calendar. It is so useful to have a calendar in the office to ensure that everyone is organised and aware of upcoming deadlines or holidays. A personalised calendar will be hanging up in someone’s office for 12 months, just think of the amount of times they will look at your company logo.

If your budget stretches further than personalised cheap pens you may want to consider the large range of desk accessories on offer. From mouse mats to coasters, desk pads to sticky notes, personalised office stationary is the way forward. Again, like calendars, stationary will always come in handy and is likely to end up sitting on an office desk.

So there you have it, some ideas to get you started if you’re thinking about investing in some personalised promotional gifts. Good luck!

Source by Tommy E Hayes

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