‘The Mandalorian’ Chapter 14 is an emotional rollercoaster

'The Mandalorian' Chapter 14 is an emotional rollercoaster

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For a show that often thrives on filler, The Mandalorian positive obtained to the purpose this week. Chapter 14, “The Tragedy,” picks up proper after its predecessor, with Din and Grogu (simply a few folks with names!) on their method to the Jedi temple ruins of Tython.

Earlier than they arrive, they share some lovable bonding moments within the cockpit, which in hindsight simply feels merciless. Din loves saying Grogu’s identify and watching the kid reply, after which they escape the ol’ metallic ball from the console and play somewhat recreation of Power catch. Din speaks to Grogu the best way he has all season, not as a cost and a nuisance, however as a companion whose thoughts is maturing each day.

They discover the one temple on this complete planet immediately as a result of that is simply how journey works in Star Wars, and Din locations Grogu upon the stone. Nothing occurs at first (“That is the Seeing Stone. Are you seeing something?”), however then Din turns away momentarily, distracted by an approaching ship. When he turns again to get Grogu, the kid is encased in a Power discipline, meditating.

Since he cannot get Grogu, Din decides to purchase him a while. He runs towards the spacecraft, uncertain if its good friend or foe — however with Mando, it is normally the latter. Positive sufficient, he is instantly shot at by none aside from Boba Fett, who’s right here for the beskar — not Din’s beskar, however Boba’s personal that Cobb Vanth had been sporting on Tatooine. Boba believes the armor is rightfully his as a result of it belonged to his father, whereas Din believes it belongs to the Mandalorians. To make issues worse, Fennec Shand is by some means alive and has a transparent shot at child Grogu — a shot she’ll take if Boba provides the order.

Din (Pedro Pascal) places Grogu upon the Seeing Stone in the Jedi temple ruins on Tython.

Din (Pedro Pascal) locations Grogu upon the Seeing Stone within the Jedi temple ruins on Tython.

Boba affords one very last thing in alternate for the armor: To guard Grogu, who will now fetch a fairly penny for any bounty hunter. Earlier than Din may even take into account this provide, one other ship arrives, this time loaded with stormtroopers. The following combat is nothing if not a Boba Fett hype video (if somebody hasn’t already edited it set to “Mama Mentioned Knock You Out,” then what’s the web even for?), with the ex-bounty hunter taking a number of troopers down simply. He strikes a heroic determine when he returns in that weathered previous armor — simply one of many numerous moments elevated by David Klein’s cinematography on this episode.

It is refreshing, on a present the place the dialogue typically consists of characters negotiating with Din, that he and Boba type an alliance by advantage of preventing the storm troopers collectively. 

And issues go from dangerous to worse. Moff Gideon’s ship is within the environment, and it destroys the razor crest with a single shot. Then he dispatches 4 darkish troopers — to not combat Din, Boba, and Fennec, however to abduct Grogu proper the place he naps upon the Seeing Stone. It’s nothing in need of devastating.

It is refreshing, on a present the place the dialogue typically consists of characters negotiating with Din, that he and Boba type an alliance by advantage of preventing the storm troopers collectively. Now reunited together with his beskar, he sticks round to uphold his finish of the discount they by no means even agreed to, committing himself and Fennec to serving to get Grogu again. 

Din enlists Cara’s assist to interrupt Migs Mayfeld out of house jail to allow them to get Grogu again. It seems like we’ll be getting one other good old school house heist within the coming weeks, very similar to Season 1’s “The Prisoner,” as our motley crew gears as much as rescue the Baby. Grogu’s definitely placing up a combat by Power choking and beating the crap out of storm troopers for his personal amusement, however the last shot of him knocked unconscious in tiny handcuffs is nothing in need of insufferable. 

The Mandalorian is now streaming on Disney+, with new episodes each Friday.

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