The Free World: Is Anything Free In This World?

It is very natural and common for people to want to get things for free and live without any caution or discipline of law. People want freedom to do anything they like, and go anywhere they like. They hate to be told what to do and how to do things and this kind of attitude have led many to failure and sometimes to early grave. This is a childlike attitude, a child wants to eat sugar alone, but the adult helps the child to control his diet for a healthy living. Freedom is the ability to discipline yourself to do only those things that will help you to move forward in life.

There is one thing though about freedom, and that is the fact that it becomes something else when your freedom becomes a burden to other people. Any freedom you express that is causing headache to another person is not freedom at all, it is now an oppression of other people. When you use your freedom to earn and enjoy money to rob other people of their labour or hard earned money, you are not doing a good service to mankind. Freedom is freedom indeed when it does not infringe on other people’s right. It is a free world for all, not just for you, consideration must be given to others.

Anyone who is considerate and respects the rights and freedom of other people can not but be very successful in all he does. You will become truly successful when you understand that real freedom is the freedom of those around you. The world’s system is created by God to reward people according to what they do. Anyone who respects the rights and freedom of other people will do quality work that has more value than he is paid. Such people will always give more value than they are rewarded, they are out to help other people, they are happy only when they are able to make others happy.

Everyone of us had received favour from people who had been before us. We were born helpless, parents and teachers helped us to a good start in life. The schools, churches, and even the civil society all helped us to become the person we are today. Hence we need to payback to our families, schools, churches and the society at large. This is real freedom. It is give and take, it is receiving and enjoying favour from others and giving back to people and society some of the things you have enjoyed freely. That is why in the real sense, nothing is free. You enjoyed some freebies, but when the time comes you payback one way or the other.

Let me tell you, those who understands the principles of payback are the ones that pay their taxes, pay their tithes to the church, help their parents at old age, and do things that moves their society forward. Those people who have the mentality of receiving everything free cannot go beyond a certain level of success. You have to understand that life does not just revolve around you, it also revolves around the other people. Hence, freedom is respecting other people, helping the weak and giving them the very best you can. It is a free world, and what makes it really free is the point I have just highlighted above.

God gave every one of us freedom to choose whatever we desire. We are so free that everyone can decide his eternal destiny by accepting or rejecting Jesus Christ. Man have sinned and doomed for destruction. God planned salvation for mankind but is not enforcing it on anyone. The freedom is still there for a man to choose to accept Jesus as Lord and be saved or reject him and be condemned. As powerful as God is, He doesn’t force His will on anyone, in fact, He respect your decision. Why is this so? God had put in place on earth certain laws that rewards or punish our actions. When we use our freedom rightly, we enjoy the reward; on the other hand when we use our freedom wrongly or use it to oppress or disturb other people we suffer the consequences.

Is anything free in this world? Hmmm! The answer is no. It is a world of sowing and reaping, some call it cause and effect. You will certainly reap whatever you sow, and whatever cause you initiate will come back to you as an effect. The truth is this, whatever you are going through today is an effect that you caused sometimes back in your life. You will live long if you planted the cause of longevity early in your life and will become rich if you were able to sow the seed. The good news is this, nothing is ever too late. Any effect you want can be caused from this very moment. There are things to do to get anything you want in your life. God made this life easy for man that there is nothing he truly desires that he cannot really get. It is a certainty that you will always get whatever you truly desire. The intensity of the desire will determine how soon you get it and in what quantity and quality. It is a free world, enjoy the freedom, but respect other people’s right.

Source by Sunday Joseph Adenuga

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