The Coolest Items in World of Warcraft, and How to Get Them – Part 15 – Orb of the Blackwhelp

The Orb of the Blackwhelp can transform you into a (helpless) Blackwhelp for 15 min. You cannot attack or cast spells while transformed.

You can buy this orb from Wyrmcult Provisioner a Level 67-68 in Blade’s Edge Mountains. The orb has 3 charges and cost 2.5 gold. You can buy it multiple times but you can only have one on you at any given time and it will bind when picked up. You will need to use an Overseer Disquise to get to Wyrmcult Provisioner and buy from him.  

To get the Overseer Disquise you will need to get 5 costume scraps. You can get them after you get the “Meeting at the Blackwing Coven” quest (you need to be 65 level to get it), and even after you complete it. The costume scraps drop off from wyrmcult people in Blades edg, when you have the scraps use them to create an overseer disguise.  

To find Wyrmcult Provisioner just go to the wyrmcult cave, get inside the cave, turn left and you will find him. So what is this orb good for? First you will look like a dragon, if you use the potion from the fire festival, you will be a fire breathing dragon. You can get winterfall firewater to become a big dragon. You get the point.  

You cannot fly with it unless you use a little trick, but you can mount. So what is the trick? You can use the Darkmoon Faire cannon to get some flying time as a Blackwhelp.  

So what is cooler then to see a big fire breathing dragon crossing the sky? If you think that is a waste of good gold you probably don’t have enough gold banked up.

Source by Alon Pyade

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