The best way to construct a cryogenic Ark that would survive within lunar lava tubes | Boing Boing

How to build a cryogenic Ark that could survive inside of lunar lava tubes | Boing Boing

Researchers on the University of Arizona plan to save lots of humanity with a lunar ark that may face up to moon lava. Consider it as Noah’s Ark. In area. With lava. Which can also be the plot of a sci-fi film I’d placed on within the background and half-pay-attention-to whereas doing different issues.

Earth faces many dire threats of nuclear conflict, accelerated local weather change, environmental poisoning, and pure disasters reminiscent of super-volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, asteroid impacts and photo voltaic storms. These threats can topple human civilization and have a serious unfavourable cascading impact on the Earth’s surroundings resulting in mass-extinctions and even whole annihilation. A plan to backup Earth’s biodiversity is desperately wanted within the occasion of a serious Earthly disaster! With out such a backup we transfer unfastened a few of our wealthy ecosystems without end and doubtlessly threaten humanity’s meals provide and its future existence.

You possibly can learn the research on their site, or take a look at the video above, which they describe as such:

We suggest growth of a modern-day Ark to be housed inside lunar lava tubes. The Ark would home eggs, sperms, seeds and different DNA matter from all the endangered species on Earth. It will function a world insurance coverage coverage. Earth faces likelihood of peril from varied pure disasters and human threats reminiscent of world nuclear conflict that would wipe out numerous species in a short while. Lunar lava tubes had been found in 2013 and are more likely to have remained pristine for 3-4 billion years. They’re solely 4-5 days from Earth. They’re a wonderful shelter in opposition to lunar floor temperature swings, cosmic radiation and micro-meteorites. The Ark would home these endangered species in cryo-conditions of -180 C and colder. Our analysis exhibits that new applied sciences are must make this initiative potential. It’ll require substantial investments and advances in robotics to function below cryo-conditions.

Lunar Ark: Saving Life on Earth from a Future Catastrophe [University of Arizona]

Picture: Public Area through Wikimedia Commons

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