The attract of 60s cigarette commercials | Boing Boing

The allure of 60s cigarette commercials | Boing Boing

Boing Boing pal Jim Leftwich turned us on to this ten-minute assortment of Newport, Kent, and York TV advertisements from the Nineteen Sixties. Jim writes:

Woah, no marvel everybody smoked. They offered the life-style onerous. And I am grooving on the Newport vibe. I aspire to that contemporary, spin-drift blown, daylight sparkly, strolling on the seaside, hey we’re on a sailboat kinda way of life. With out the most cancers, perhaps.

You gotta love the logic of the “Imperial size” York (the longest fashionable cigarette in the marketplace). They declare it would not want a filter as a result of the size of it smooths out the cruel style of the tobacco. Um…so, solely the primary few puffs are clean till it will get to the size of a traditional (unfiltered) cigarette?

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