That is the ugliest orchid on the earth | Boing Boing

This is the ugliest orchid in the world | Boing Boing

The just lately found Gastrodia agnicellus has been named the “ugliest orchid on the earth,” in keeping with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. It is considered one of greater than 150 crops and fungi that RBG Kew researchers found all over the world in 2020. From CNN:

The orchid, positioned in Madagascar, has no leaves, grows from a woolly tuberous stem, and spends most of its life underground, rising solely to flower or produce fruit.

Researchers thought that the unusual trying plant would possibly scent like rotten flesh, as is widespread in some orchids pollinated by flies, however as an alternative, the orchid stunned them with a “nice, citrusy, rose scent,” (orchid researcher Johan) Hermans stated.

picture: Rick Burian/RGB Kew/handout

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