Take pleasure in a 3D-printed “steak analog” that “chews like sirloin” and “pulls like pork” | Boing Boing

Enjoy a 3D-printed "steak analog" that "chews like sirloin" and "pulls like pork" | Boing Boing

Barcelona-based Novameat used a 3D printer to extrude a mixture of lab-grown animal and plant cells into the biggest ever reduce of “meat analog.” Founder and CEO Giuseppe Scionti isn’t any stranger to in vitro proteins: He was beforehand a Polytechnic College of Catalonia analysis professor targeted on tissue engineering for biomedical functions. From IEEE Spectrum:

Novameat’s microextrusion expertise, which produces 100–500 micrometer-wide fibers from totally different substances and combines them in exact ratios and arranged microstructures, is vital to mimicking the mouthfeel, style, look, and dietary properties of animal meat, says senior meals engineer Joan Solomando Martí. The three-year outdated startup has been utilizing vegetable fats and non-soy plant proteins to make reasonable 3D-printed steaks.

The newest 3D-printed whole-cut prototype was made with the corporate’s new hybrid meat analog, which they make by including mammalian fats cells to a biocompatible plant-based scaffold. The cells are grown individually utilizing conventional cell culturing methods, after which added to the scaffolds, the place they produce fatty acids or proteins. “This permits us to create beef muscle cuts, pork muscle cuts, and we at the moment are additionally exploring fish and seafood.”

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