Synthetic intelligence tries QWOP | Boing Boing

Artificial intelligence tries QWOP | Boing Boing

QWOP, arguably probably the most troublesome online game ever, was created by Bennett Foddy in 2008. The purpose is to regulate a sprinter with 4 keys that transfer his thighs and calf muscular tissues. Just a few seconds in, and also you’re decreased to simply attempting to regulate your laughter. Most of us gave up fairly early, however some took QWOP as a problem and obtained the runner via a 100-meter sprint. The QWOP file, as of now, is 48 seconds! May an algorithm educated to play QWOP do any higher? Wesley Liao educated one to search out out. Whereas his AI realized to make the runner carry out higher than I ever will, it couldn’t outdo the perfect human avid gamers. Read more on the experiment at Gizmodo.

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