Stephen Colbert has an intense concept concerning the function of the monoliths

Stephen Colbert has an intense theory about the purpose of the monoliths

A random prank? A publicity stunt? ALIENS? (It’s never aliens.)

Over the previous week, the web has descended right into a monolith-based frenzy following the discovery of a metal structure in the Utah desert. Then one other one popped up in Romania, and a short time later a third appeared in California.

Throughout The Late Present‘s Thursday episode, Stephen Colbert determined to play detective. And after participating in some informal wordplay — “the monolith was…gone-olith,” — the host laid out his personal concept as to the overarching function of those thriller objects.

“Of us, it is no coincidence that these monoliths appeared simply earlier than the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn developing on December 21,” says Colbert. “Open your eyes, sheeple! These monoliths are clearly dormant, sub-spacetime vitality nodes that may awaken at a selected pitch within the vibration of the inter-planetary matrix to assist us make the leap to the following nice part of human evolution, attain past creativeness, and contact the very face of God!

“Or it is gonna turn into like a viral marketing campaign for Mountain Dew. Both approach, I am right here for it.”

For what it is value, the latest monolith news means that the constructions might presumably be the work of stunt artists seeking to make a bit of money. However personally we like Colbert’s concept higher.

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