Splendidly unusual music movies that includes earnest fellow singing COVID-themed lyrics over acquainted rock songs | Boing Boing

Wonderfully strange music videos featuring earnest fellow singing COVID-themed lyrics over familiar rock songs | Boing Boing

“My thoughts works in uncommon methods,” says soon-to-be YouTube sensation Allan Herrod. “Once I hear a music, I regularly consider new lyrics that match my present scenario. As soon as that occurs, the music sticks in my head, to not be denied. One of the best ways I’ve discovered to get it out is to document it and publish it to share with others. I’m nicely conscious that my singing capability leaves a lot to be desired. However its not likely in regards to the musicality and extra in regards to the lyrics and the meanings and emotions they convey, be they humorous and satirical, poignant and heartfelt, or offended and protesting.”

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