Spatchcocking a turkey: is that this the way in which? | Boing Boing

Spatchcocking a turkey: is this the way? | Boing Boing

This 12 months, to facilitate diving the turkey and delivering ½ of it to my dad and mom for our tele-Thanksgiving dinner, I shall be spatchcocking our turkey.

I similar to saying spatchcock. I learn someplace as soon as it comes from ‘dispatched cock.’ In follow spatchcockin’ is simply slicing the backbone out of a hen, flattening it and cooking it.

I often spatchcock my chickens for smoking or pan roasting, I’ve by no means earlier than spatchcocked a turkey — however all the pieces about it is sensible for this years vacation. The hen will prepare dinner quicker and it is going to be very simple to only minimize it in half (it’s simple with a hen in any case — I’m ready for an epic catastrophe.)

Aficionados of spatchcock and roasted turkey sure do go on about it.

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