Something For Nothing ?

We all love a bargain, but even more so, we love something for nothing.  Whilst it may be unusual in this day and age, there are still some genuine freebies out there if you know where to look.  Here are a few great freebie ideas:


-The library may seem obvious, but it is free to join and gives you access to thousands of books, also entirely free.  On a cold wintery night, there is nothing nicer than snuggling up in bed with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate!

-You can also have free access to their internet, plus all the latest magazines and newspapers.   A new magazine can cost anywhere up to £4 (Vogue!) so don’t fork out such an extortionate amount when you can enjoy your fashion fix for nothing at the local library.

-If you fancy trying a new recipe, then why not root through the cook books on the library shelves, pick out a few favourites and photocopy or write out your top choices.  It will save you a fortune in buying a cook book if you only plan on using just one or two recipes.

-Another option to get free books is the online Swap Shop such as where people simply list a book they have finished or do not want and you can have it for free.  Once you have finished it, just re-list it!


If you use a digital camera, you can spend a fortune on printing them out at Boots or your local photo print store.  There are plenty of online sites which offer a much cheaper way to print out your precious memories for the album, and are currently offering an amazing deal – sign up today and get 40 FREE prints!  .

Beauty Products 

Makeup counters up and down the country are coming up with bigger and better ways to entice you to buy their products. Ask for a free sample and you’ll find yourself with everything from make up to skin care and fragrance to nail varnish in your goodie bag.  Boots skin match service ensures they choose the perfect foundation for you and you’ll even get a free make over while you are there.  Clinique offer a free facial and Natural Minerals offer a complete sample make over and tutorial in how to use their products.

If it is skin care you are after, ask what the active ingredient is and then do your own research to find a cheaper product which uses this same ingredient.


For music fans, it can be expensive to keep downloading the latest tunes, and it is risky to use the free but illegal download sites. is a completely above board download site which offers its members hundreds of downloads a week absolutely free.  Itunes also offers a free download every week from the latest or up and coming musicians.

Cinema Tickets

If you are with Orange network you can get two for one cinema tickets for the film of your choice every Wednesday by texting 2-4-1.  Alternatively, sign up to specialist cinema sites which give you the chance to preview new films before they are released to the public.  The companies get an allocated number of tickets so they will send out an alert when they have freebies to all their members, and then it is a first come first serve basis so you must be quick.  Join up to and


Ever wondered how the studio audiences came to be there in your favourite television programme?  More than likely they will have simply applied to be there and there is nothing stopping you doing just the same.  Tickets for most of these shows are absolutely free so why not apply to them all?  Competition may be stiff depending on what you want to see, so applying to more than one may also enhance your chances of getting tickets. 

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