So many dwarf sunflower seedlings | Boing Boing

So many dwarf sunflower seedlings | Boing Boing

My daughter planted ALL THE SEEDS and now — if doable — now we have far too many sunflowers.

I handed my daughter two packs of these dwarf sunflower seeds. I requested her to plant 4 per planter (we had 4) alongside the roof of a shed. We thought a 3-4 foot hedge of sunflowers could be enjoyable.

She planted all of the seeds. I’ve been thinning them out and providing seedlings to buddies who need some.

I’m stunned at how deep the roots have gone in just some days.

I’ve some mammoth sunflowers and corn moving into transplantable egg crates, seeing the early depth of those dwarf sunflowers, I’ll plant the mammoth earlier than later. I’ve been advised to attend for the first set of actual leaves vs the caudal pair that come from the seed to ascertain.

Yay! Spring!

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