Showdown Bandit @ Steam – Free


Showdown Bandit @ Steam – Free


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  1. I am a bot. For those who can’t access the link, this is what this product is about!

    ^(**First few User Tags for this game: Adventure, Action, Indie, Strategy, Horror**)

    **Name:** Showdown Bandit

    **Price:** ~~$0.99~~ Free (100% off)

    **Supported Platforms:** Windows

    #About This Product

    Beware! For years kids tuned in to watch the televised puppet world of
    _Showdown Bandit_, whose colorful cast performed in front of a live audience
    of ecstatic children. Then without warning the show was unceremoniously
    canceled and the studio, props and puppets were left to rot. Yet somehow the
    show lives again and you’re in the spotlight. Take control of the Bandit
    himself and explore the dilapidated sets of what was once glorious Showdown
    Valley in this **top-down, stealth-action-horror game** from the makers of

    Try not to lose your wits or _your strings_ as you sneak through the shadowy
    sets past a menagerie of eerie enemies and helpful inhabitants. Fight ONLY
    when you must! Don’t be afraid to explore the creepiest, darkest corners as
    even the smallest clues could help you answer the biggest question of all …
    _who is really pulling the strings?_

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