Sell Scrap Gold – Convert it Into Cash Immediately

It has never been this easy to sell scrap gold. Considering the many precious metal buyers available both on and offline, it’s simple for someone to take that old gold from the drawer or jewelry box and turn it into money.

Who doesn’t have an old gold watch or a pair of broken gold earrings just sitting collecting dust? If that you are like most people, you probably have a bunch gold items that are hanging around and you don’t know what they are worth. If you sell scrap gold jewelry it can help you raise the funds for something you could actually use.

The best form to sell scrap gold and extra jewelry is to send it to a precious metals refiner. Precious metals refiners usually offer the best prices for your old precious metals, so it is the easiest method to sell scrap gold. simply get online, find a precious metals refiner and ask them to send you a free gold kit. It’s typically in your mailbox within a few days.

When it arrives get together all the gold and jewelry you want to liquidate. put it in the secure packaging in the kit, and drop it in any mailbox.

Once the refiner gets your gold, they figure out the value then they make you an offer of how much they will pay. You decide whether or not you take the offer or say no thanks and they send back your gold.

If you like what they are offering, you just say OK and they send you the money in the mail.

Source by Stephan X Leblanc

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