Scientists discover two new species of fungi that flip flies into ‘zombies’ | Boing Boing

Scientists find two new species of fungi that turn flies into 'zombies' | Boing Boing

There are various kinds of fungus that can invade bugs with the intention to reproduce, however most kill the host after which launch spores. Two new species of fungus found in Denmark devour their fly hosts from the within out, however preserve them alive for so long as attainable to stroll or fly round whereas the fungus shoots spores out of the fly’s stomach over a bigger space than they may from a deceased fly, which additionally brings them into contact with new victims. A research from the College of Copenhagen identifies these new fungi as Strongwellsea tigrinae and Strongwellsea acerosa.  

The weird tactic of preserving the host alive whereas releasing spores is known as lively host transmission (AHT). It’s an efficient manner of gaining access to different wholesome people. Scientists suppose the fungi might be producing substances that “dope” their hosts (generally colloquially known as “zombies”), which means they’ll keep recent sufficient to reside for days after an infection – solely collapsing as soon as there may be nothing left of their abdomens however the fungus.

“We suspect subsequently that these fungi might produce amphetamine-like substances which preserve a fly’s vitality ranges excessive up till the top,” stated lead researcher Prof Jørgen Eilenberg from the division of plant and environmental Sciences on the College of Copenhagen. Researchers additionally consider the fungi produce substances that preserve microorganisms away from the fly fungal wound and preserve it clear, however they’re but to check this.

Whereas we do not know what species of insect is pictured, we will think about the sufferer would possibly look (warning: disturbing) something like this. Learn more about the new discoveries at The Guardian.

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