Santa Claus flies into energy strains, wants rescue | Boing Boing

Santa Claus flies into power lines, needs rescue | Boing Boing

An unnamed man who flies across the Rio Linda, CA space commonly in a motorized parachute plane determined to decorate up as Santa Claus, fly in and ship sweet to youngsters–a noble effort. This flight, nonetheless, got himself stuck upside down in power lines.

Sacramento Metro Fireplace Division mentioned there was no electrical present capable of run by the pilot or his plane based mostly on how he was positioned within the wires. Father Christmas was suspended the wrong way up excessive within the wires for a while however because of the efforts of a large rescue ladder he was introduced all the way down to security.

Now that we all know he’s a 100% okay, I feel it’s allowable for us to chuckle a bit at how ridiculous this nitwit seemed the wrong way up all twisted in wires and parachute and aluminum body in a purple St. Nick outfit like Stan Laurel. I am not precisely slapping my knee in laughter however it’s not less than mildly comical. Sure, he may have plummeted to his dying or gotten fried to a Krisp Kringle, however he did not, and now it is a slapstick scenario and for that I thank Père Nöel. Bless you, Sinterklaas, for the pleasant vacation chortle.

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