Samurai History Book (EPUB)(PDF) use code FREEBOOKS2

Samurai History Book (EPUB)(PDF) use code FREEBOOKS2

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  1. >This title details the culture, weapons, armour and training of the elite samurai warrior class in the fascinating Age of Battles period (1550-1600). This was a period of vital importance not only because of the political effects of the chaos but also due to the changes in warfare that occurred. In 1542 the Portuguese introduced the matchlock musket into Japanese warfare, and this book traces the effect that this important innovation had on the samurai. Life outside the field of battle is also examined, making this an unmissable book for those interested in this brave warrior caste.

  2. There are several additional books available with this code as well if you check the blog page. Also if you add to card the PDF and EPUB, the code works on both. In case you can’t decide which.

    There is also a tabletop game on the blog page with a different code.

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