safety.txt is like robots.txt, however for safety insurance policies | Boing Boing

security.txt is like robots.txt, but for security policies | Boing Boing

Many web sites have a robots.txt, a plain-text file that tells search engines to ignore certain files and folders on the positioning. Security.txt is a proposed normal to do likewise with safety insurance policies.

“When safety dangers in internet providers are found by unbiased safety researchers who perceive the severity of the chance, they usually lack the channels to reveal them correctly. Consequently, safety points could also be left unreported. safety.txt defines a normal to assist organizations outline the method for safety researchers to reveal safety vulnerabilities securely.”

I am reminded of the Curator’s Code, a proposed normal for crediting blog-post sources—a letter of the regulation so prone to be delivered to bear towards its spirit that everybody within the enterprise of giving credit score knew instinctively by no means to make use of it.

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