Ravens stealing meals from Anchorage Costco consumers | Boing Boing

Ravens stealing food from Anchorage Costco shoppers | Boing Boing

The “ravens of Anchorage” seems like a viking jazz trio and, because it seems, are as equally easy because the musical ensemble identify intimates. Actual ravens have been plundering buying carts at a Costco parking zone in Anchorage, Alaska. One poor sap circled and two of those winged-raiders made off with a brief rib, tearing it proper out of its packaging and flying away, presumably to feast at their evil lair.

The road that broke me was when Anchorage resident Tamara Josey refers back to the ravens as “calculating.” These little so-and-sos! I like each little bit of their oily black feathers and thieving little hearts.

Tamara mentioned some ravens hovered over her on the Costco, plotting a solution to make off with a few of her newly bought items.

through AP:

“I had two ravens, one which was on the automotive subsequent to me and he stored squawking actually loud,” Josey mentioned. “He would sit on the automotive and stare at me, then hop subsequent to the mattress of the truck on the opposite aspect, and he stored going forwards and backwards. The opposite raven was on the bottom. He stored making an attempt to drag — I had these little mini-melons you’ve got within the mesh baggies — he stored making an attempt to seize the netting and pull my melons off the cart.”

A raven began to fly in a circle round Josey till she received them to scram.

“He was ready for one more alternative to seize the melons off the cart, however they by no means have been deterred,” she mentioned. “They only stayed posted, ready for his or her subsequent alternative to steal one thing out of my cart.”

“They’re very devoted to their mission,” she added.

Effectively put, Tamara Josey. Thanks for placing the actions of scrounging hungry birds into phrases of an elite strike power certain by honor.

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