Protection Grid: The Awakening

Protection Grid: The Awakening

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4 thoughts on “Protection Grid: The Awakening”

  1. I’ve played this game before, but I didn’t get very far. It was a pretty standard tower defense game. Nothing too special, but the graphics are decent, and I think there was an AI that talks to you, so at least it has some character.

  2. #__Defense Grid: The Awakening__:

    Website: ****

    Release date: **2008-12-08**,

    Metacritic: **81/100**,

    Average steam play time: **5 hours**

    Genre: **Real Time Strategy (RTS)**


    A tower defense game where you have to defend Power Cores from being stolen. Tower construction is limited to specified platforms on where you can place 1 out of 10 diffrent upgradeable towers. Towers can not be destroyed by the enemies. Tower placement is key to progress in this game as they each have pros and cons. During the game you battle a variety of 15 diffrent “Insectoid” enemies with various abilitys to handle such as stealth, speed, armor and shields etc. The invaders can carry 1-3 powercores as they reach the powerstations and try to make their escape.

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