Positive Thinking and Preparation for Board Exams – How to Live a Stress-Free Life

Board Exams? Relax…

Something scares us the moment we hear the word board exam. This scare leads to stress, which every student has to bear during these exams.

A student who is appearing for a board exam is always a victim of parental as well as peer pressure. Parents pressure their children thinking that they should get admission in the best college in India and students pressure themselves to score better than peers. All this tension and anxiety ultimately leads to restlessness, agitation and depression among various students.

Students generally don’t realize that it is very important to keep mental calm during these exams to yield best results. We should not forget the fact that only good health can help in the best performance.

Here are a few tips that can help students in keeping the exam stress away:-

1. Think positive – Positive thinking is the best medicine for examination stress. If a student believes that he / she can do it, no one in this world can stop him / her from scoring the best. It also helps students in taking negative thoughts out from the mind and helps them to think in a much healthier manner. Positive thinking is the best remedy to beat the exam stress.

2. Focus – During examinations, it is a general tendency among students to lose focus. They will start with a subject but will end up doing some other subject. This way, till the last moment, no subject is thoroughly prepared. It is very important that students focus on one subject at a time instead of preparing two-three subjects simultaneously. Though, this more or less depends on the personal choice of a student, it is more advisable to adopt a focused approach.

3. Take breaks – To keep the mind relaxed before and during exams, it is very important to take small breaks after every few hours of study. During these breaks, if you want to catch up with your favourite serial, watch that or if you want to listen to music, listen to it as it soothes the mind. Avoid talking to a friend as you may end up discussing studies only.

4. Keep hobbies alive – The moment a students enters 10th or 12th standard, he / she gives up his / her hobbies and plans to devote all the time to studies. However, this is not right. To appear for an examination, a student should not end up giving something he / she likes months before. One can give some time every day to dance, listen to music, watch TV or do whatever he / she likes till the exams. Keeping hobbies alive, keeps one motivated.

5. Study in groups before the exams – Discussing and learning with friends, before the exams, always helps in understanding a subject better. Other than that, this way, one breaks away from the monotony of studying alone all the time. However, it is advisable not to follow this practice during the exams as friends may create distraction in mind.

6. Practice Yoga – Yoga is the best form of stress-buster. It releases all the tension from mind and helps a student concentrate better. By putting half hour every day in Yoga, a student not only remains fit physically but also mentally.

7. Self-confidence – It is very important to have faith in oneself. One should not lose hope ever.

These tips will not only help a student score well in exams but also will help them keeping the mind relaxed and cool during the course of exams.

Source by Sakshi Tandon

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