Pink Floyd’s Darkish Facet of the Moon turns 48 immediately | Boing Boing

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon turns 48 today | Boing Boing

Pink Floyd’s eighth studio album, Darkish Facet of the Moon, was launched on March 1, 1973. The significance of this file, to music, tradition, and 1,000,000 aural-astral journeys, can’t be overstated.

Do your self a favor immediately. Take a second, strap in your finest audio gear, and crank to “11.”

Here is a dwell rendition of “The Nice Gig within the Sky” with vocalist Clare Torry reprising her epic wail.

Additionally, take pleasure in this jazz cowl on “Cash,” from the album, Jazz Facet of the Moon.

[H/t Steve Silberman]

Picture: Album cowl artwork

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