Perseverance: coming quickly to a planet close to you | Boing Boing

Perseverance: coming soon to a planet near you | Boing Boing

“A planet close to you” is relative, after all, as 300 million miles continues to be fairly a journey. NASA’s Perserverance rover launched in July, and is scheduled to land within the Jezero Crater on Mars on February 18. The touchdown can be lined reside, and to drum up enthusiasm, NASA launched a “trailer” for the touchdown, with all of the drama you may anticipate for a blockbuster occasion. Perserverance’s mission is to:

Search indicators of historic life and acquire samples of rock and regolith (damaged rock and soil) for doable return to Earth.

They named the mission Mars 2020, which was in all probability unavoidable however nonetheless appears unlucky. Compensate for what the mission is all about at NASA.

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