Pentagon’s UFO report: no proof of extraterrestrials, however cannot remove the likelihood both | Boing Boing

Pentagon's UFO report: no evidence of extraterrestrials, but can't eliminate the possibility either | Boing Boing

Later this month, the Pentagon will release a report containing “an in depth evaluation of unidentified aerial phenomena information and intelligence” collected by the US Workplace of Naval Intelligence, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Activity Drive, and the FBI. In accordance with the New York Instances, the report signifies that there isn’t any proof that quite a few unusual aerial objects noticed by Navy pilots have been spacecraft from different worlds. Bummer. That mentioned, the report apparently does say that regardless of the pilots noticed, it possible was not superior US know-how. From the New York Times:

…Senior officers briefed on the intelligence conceded that the very ambiguity of the findings meant the federal government couldn’t definitively rule out theories that the phenomena noticed by army pilots is perhaps alien spacecraft[…]

The report concedes that a lot concerning the noticed phenomena stays troublesome to elucidate, together with their acceleration, in addition to capacity to vary path and submerge. One doable rationalization — that the phenomena may very well be climate balloons or different analysis balloons — doesn’t maintain up in all instances, the officers mentioned, due to adjustments in wind pace on the instances of among the interactions[…]

Lots of the greater than 120 incidents examined within the report are from Navy personnel, officers mentioned. The report additionally examined incidents involving international militaries during the last 20 years. Intelligence officers imagine no less than among the aerial phenomena may have been experimental know-how from a rival energy, more than likely Russia or China.

One senior official briefed on the intelligence mentioned with out hesitation that U.S. officers knew it was not American know-how. He mentioned there was fear amongst intelligence and army officers that China or Russia may very well be experimenting with hypersonic know-how.

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